alexandrashulman_independentinterview.jpgThere was an interesting interview in the Independent over the weekend with British Vogue's Alexandra Shulman.

Naturally, the main focus of the article was economy, economy, economy but hearing it from a Vogue editor's perspective is worth a read, if not for some interesting quotes. For example:

"I really do like buying things and spending money. It gives me a lift. I'm a real sucker for that feeling that your world will change because of something you've bought. I know that it won't, really. But I totally buy into that idea that for a brief moment everything seems better, when you've got a new dress that you look good in. I've always felt that. So I'm not a great fashion person in terms of a huge knowledge or body of work within pure fashion design, but I love clothes and the whole thing of looking at them and shopping and all of that stuff."

[Photo: Daniel Deme/WENN]