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Forget hearts, romance and lovey-dovey nonsense if you will because February 14th will see the unveiling of a jewellery line by uber hot designer Alexander Wang.

Wang is working with Brooklyn jewellery designer Paris Kain on a range of earrings and cuffs, but don't expect convention as the designer explained: "We're working with ways of wearing earrings that aren't typical," he says. "How they work on your body, how they hang. We want to push the meaning of embellishment and how people interpret jewellery."

Wang is gearing up for his forthcoming Autumn/Winter 09 show which he says will be more constructed and tailored and less slouchy. Mirroring this his jewellery line will be sleek and industrial and takes inspiration from Tina Turner's post-apocalyptic style in Mad Max.

Paris Kain added his input, saying: "The shapes we're working with could just as easily be from a thousand years from now or a thousand years ago," going on to say "It's not a status symbol, but something for yourself." Perfect for a little v-day indulgence!

[Source: WWD, Image: Coutorture]