Being a massive Oscars fashion fan, every year before the Academy Awards I predict what I think we'll see on the red carpet. Inevitably, I get a lot wrong, but it's still fun to see who's being predictable and who has a stylist that thinks outside of the box (not Angelina, that's for sure).

This year, I didn't do too badly, particularly where colour was concerned, and while none of my specific dress predictions were spot-on, I was almost there on plenty of the details and designers. Take a look to see how well I did below the cut, and have a look at my original predictions gallery by clicking here.

First, the (almost) successes! Though I got the exact dress wrong, my prediction of an Elie Saab dress in a pale oyster colour for Evan Rachel Wood was spot on. Similarly, I predicted pale coloured Armani would appear on one of the stars. In fact, it was picked by two; both Anne Hathaway and Sophia Loren picked light shades from Armani Prive, though neither went for the fab cobweb dress I loved. *sob*

Predicting Carolina Herrera for Amy Adams wasn't exactly a challenge, and while I got that bit right, I'm happy to hold my hands up and say I got the dress itself very wrong. Part of me wishes she picked my purple choice instead of her red frock, though. It looked nice on camera but unflattering in photographs, which has lead to her being missed off many best-dressed lists, including mine.

Where Marchesa is concerned, though I flagged a long frock (which actualy reminds me of Natalie Portman's Rodarte dress) I said that the most likely outcome would be that cocktail dresses from the recent show would be converted into longer gowns for the Oscars. And what happened? Exactly that on Vanessa Hudgens. Once again, a pretty obvious one, but still nice to be proven right!

Big fairytale glamour from Dior Haute Couture was on my wishlist, and thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker and Marion Cotillard, it was there in abundance. Both wore dresses from the fall Couture collection, so they weren't the ones I predicted (which were Spring designs) but they had the same super-puffy silhouette and Galliano's trademark drama, so I was happy!

Pre-show rumours about who'd be dressing Kate Winslet proved false as she chose to go with Yves Saint Laurent, the same label she wore for the BAFTA awards, rather than Ben de Lisi or Badgley Mischka as I mentioned in my predictions. However, I also said "If she does go for black (like she has a lot recently) I hope she dresses it up with some detail." That she definitely did, going for a greyscale dress with tulle overlays and an interesting neckline.


Now for my misses. I got the colour of Marisa Tomei's dress correct (it was almost white, but had a definite lavender sheen) but I got the designer and the shape very, very wrong as she picked dramatic Versace over my prediction of more subdued Givenchy. There was no Chanel Couture at all, which really surprised me. Valentino appeared on the back of Jennifer Aniston, rather than Anne Hathaway. Oscar de la Renta only appeared at the parties on Jessica Biel and not at the show itself, and while she did go for boring, predictable black as I thought she might, Angelina Jolie surprised us all by picking Elie Saab (a shame it wasn't my fave black Saab offering) who's not a designer I'd ever associate with Angie.

Overall, my predictions weren't too bad, but that's definitely because celebs are getting more and more predictable. It was pretty easy this year to predict beige, red, black, Elie Saab and Carolina Herrera as popular choices. I missed the likes of Charlize Theron, Eva Green, Kirsten Dunst and Cameron Diaz, who pick tricky dresses, vintage pieces or try their luck donning crazy couture. The severe lack of huge fashion don'ts this year was a bit of a shame. It was all quite safe and, as a result, a tiny bit 'blah'. Though I can't blame celebrities for going down the safe route when they know they're going to be dragged through the mud by every blog under the sun the next day, we're in the middle of a recession here, we need a good laugh!