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She was relatively unknown until a few months ago, but after a few end of year music predictions touting her as one of the female popstars to make it big Lady GaGa made it onto our radar.

Now she's all over the shop and frankly, I'm not sure anyone could live up to the amount of hype surrounding the elctropop starlet, but stylistically speaking what do you think of her? She's been papped a fair few times in what is now her trademark outfit of bodysuit, futuristic sunglasses and not much else! I love the Thierry Mugler-inspired dress on the left, and the Margiela-esque spiked shoulders but it's a shame it has to come with OTT make up and extreme fake tan.

On the positive side the fact she has a blog and it's called Haus of GaGa is a GOOD THING. Germanic appellations will always get you Brownie points, but what do you think? Take our poll and let us know!

[Images: Rex Features]