viviwestwoodantinuclear.jpgWhen I read this piece in the Independent yesterday, I wondered if perhaps it was an old item, but apparently not.

It seems that Vivienne Westwood still has her heart set on penning the Sex and the City sequel, two months on from when she first expressed an interest in the project.

"No one has mentioned that to me as of yet but I will tell you that I have had a great idea for the plot of a sequel," she said at a party in November.

Now a source has revealed that Viv is still "obsessed" about being part of the follow-up film.

"She's been obsessed with the film ever since she saw it. One of her designs was used as the wedding dress," they said. "She has even put in calls to [the lead actress] Sarah Jessica Parker about it."

The last time we checked Viv was still trying to get a hold of SJP to canvas her plot proposals for the script. However so far it seems like a case of "don't call us, we'll call you" for the Dame.

"We haven't had any news about it yet," a spokesman added. "So we don't know what's happening."

Keep on plugging Viv. Otherwise feel free to email us your ideas for some valuable fan feedback. Our contact details are on the right sidebar *wink*

Meanwhile, SATC stylist Patricia Field says that a sequel isn't even official yet. Click here to read all about it.