So it's safe to say you're not heading to the Sundance Film Festival this year (well, considering it kicked off on the 15th and is about to wrap up this weekend, it's not looking promising is it?) But even still, it's always nice to think about what you would have worn had you er, actually been there. And taking inspiration for your day-to-day winter wardrobe from the stylish attendees is always fun, too. So what do you need to wrap up for Sundance?

Well, you're going to need a puffa jacket for a start a la actress Emma Roberts. Ugg boots - sorry to all the haters - are pretty much a prequisite (go for a metallic one for something very "this season"). A cool slouchy beanie worn with sunglasses (to block out those paparazzi camera flashes of course) are both must-haves. And if you have to, top it all off with some silly mittens (look to Paris Hilton for a perfect example).

Read on to find where you can get these bits and pieces for your own Sundance style...

Levis® Puffa Jacket, £107.66 from Oli
Ugg Long Metallic Boot, £180 from ASOS
Knitted Kitten Hat & Mittens Set, £8 from M&S
Stripey slouch beanie, £10 from Topshop
Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses, £103 from Net-a-Porter