marc_jacobs_debbie_harry_sprouse_book.jpg[Image: Sipa Press/Rex Features]

The love for the late Stephen Sprouse abounds and one especially dedicated fan is none other than his old friend, Debbie Harry. The Blondie singer sure has been notching up the parties of late - she attended the launch of Louis Vuitton's Sprouse-inspired collection designed by Marc Jacobs last week, performed at the preview night of Sprouse's exhibition held at Deitch Projects and then on Tuesday, met up with Jacobs again (see above) to host the release party for the much-anticipated The Stephen Sprouse Book.

Sporting a platinum blonde wig with blunt fringe, Harry looked the spitting image of her Blondie days, right down to the fluro camouflage dress (a motif he borrowed from mate Andy Warhol back in the 80s). I have to admit, I've got swept up in the Sprouse-mania and am currently coveting this Vuitton bracelet from the collection! What has your reaction been?