As well as citing Leila Moss as her muse, Savannah Miller has revealed that Twenty8Twelve's next pre-collection is inspired by Noddy and his pal Big Ears.


"I get lots of ideas on the sofa," she told the The Sunday Times. "Our next pre-collection is actually inspired by Noddy and Big Ears. It was on maternity leave that I noticed how incredible Big Ears looked in his blue swing jacket and cropped cream trousers with the green stripe. On the other hand, there's lying awake at night, worrying about life. That's when you have your best ideas - those moments of madness in the twilight."

Erm, I think you call that hormones.

Meanwhile, Sienna Miller has confirmed that she won't be appearing on the catwalk at her label's first London Fashion Week show.

"Twenty8Twelve is now in its fifth season and we just felt it was ready to be taken to the next level," Sienna said last month.

Drats! And here I was hoping to see some runway action from the pint-sized actress. Nevermind, let's hope they can convince their other inspiration, Leila, to model instead.