christiandior_designer_portrait.jpgFresh from DJing at the Dior Homme show on Sunday, Malcolm McLaren has revealed to WWD that casting for his Christian Dior musical will be completed over the coming months.

He has apparently been working on the project titled The Life and Times of Christian Dior, for over a year.

"It involved a story I was told that took place in Paris between 1947 and '57... about how rock 'n' roll emerged as a force that really changed the face of France, of Paris - of their industry, their luck, their haute couture instinct," he told Interview magazine in October.

"I began to really read about Paris after the liberation, and about what happened, and about what its youth was, and then suddenly I saw a story that really could define music and fashion and how it all happened after the postwar and where it all went. And if I could do that, and trap it, inside this house of Christian Dior, from its birth in '47 to Dior's death in '57 -- that seemed to me something worth really investigating as a musical," he added.

The production will include authentic music of the time - not punk music for those who might be wondering.

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