The claws are really out for Victoria Beckham right now, with Cheryl Cole taking another swipe at the Spice Girl. The X Factor judge has spoken out against Victoria's dress collection (worn by Posh above right), claiming that its for 'older women' and 'not something (Girls Aloud) would wear'.

During the interview with the Guardian, Cheryl's fellow band member Kimberley Walsh was quick to jump in and smooth things over.

"She means older than us! Not you know...," Kimberley corrected.

"Yeah, it's not like stuff we would wear," Cheryl adds.

But it seems it was too late. The cat is out of the bag - Cheryl isn't a fan of Posh's frocks. And that's okay, I'm sure Victoria will get over it. But as for those other criticisms made by the WAG in Vogue that Victoria did not get in touch after husband Ashley cheated on her... well, I'm sure they cut deeper.