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This reads like a joke but unfortunately it's true; despite a recession which has been described as the worst since WWII the Bank of England has set out a few guidelines for their female employees. To mark their 'Dress for Success' day the company outlined a few instructions should their female employees not be able to dress themselves:

"be careful with perfume; always wear a heel of some sort -- maximum 2 inches; always wear some sort of makeup -- even if it's just lipstick."

The guidelines continue in a similar vein, advising their staff not to wear ankle chains in case they are mistaken for a "professional, but not the one you want to be associated with" i.e. a prostitute! They don't stop there, adding more items to their blacklist including "white high heels, an overload of rings, and double-pierced ears" the mystical "overstuffed handbags" and the frustrating rule that shoes must be the same colour as skirts.

The statement that hurt the most was the order to "look professional, not fashionable" as if the two are mutually incompatible. The days that women were expected to bring a ray of sunshine to the workplace are long gone, perhaps it's time the Bank of England reviewed its towards their female employees.