holly_willoughby_boobs.jpgGemma Cartwright writes...

Is everyone ready to bang their head against a brick wall again? With the new series of ITV's 'Dancing On Ice' in full swing, certain publications have taken to flogging a dead horse by pointing out the obvious again; Holly Willoughby has - to quote Trinny and Susannah - fantastic tits. And she likes to show them off when she's on telly by wearing low-cut dresses.

Well, to be perfectly honest, if my boobs looked like Holly Willoughby's, I'd show them off too. And I wouldn't expect half of middle England to be up in arms about it. In the grand scale of what is and isn't acceptable on prime time TV, I wouldn't have thought Holly's cleavage was a particular concern...

But apparently it is. Last series, though only five people actually called to complain about Holly's low-cut dress, she hit the headlines for her 'inappropriate' costume choices because it's a family show and children are watching. The thing if, if you turn on any music channel or watch T4 earlier in the day, you'll see a lot worse than a revealing neckline.

What exactly is the sight of a bit of cleavage going to to do to damage children anyway? Most of them probably spent the first few months of their life sucking on a boob. Seeing one partially exposed on telly is hardly going to scar them for life - if it does, perhaps their parents should be a bit more open with their kids (or stop reading The Daily Mail).

Holly and the Dancing On Ice wardrobe department aren't stupid. The more we talk about her tits, the more we're going to see them. There's hardly a shortage of cleavage-friendly frocks out there.

See, boys, I'm doing this for you.