kim_columnpic_jan09.jpgKimberley Foster writes...

Say it with me now: "Here we go again..."

I am having sudden flashbacks to the fat taunts Karolina Kurkova was subjected to following her catwalk appearance at at Sao Paulo Fashion Week last June. Only this time the media's harsh lens has taken aim at 21-year-old Gemma Ward, who they have callously labelled "roll model" after she was snapped a few kilos heavier in her swimsuit at Byron Bay.

The article, featured on the front page Australia's The Sunday Telegraph, promises "shocking pictures" of the young model emerging from the surf. As I said, here we go again...


Gemma's sabbatical from the modelling world to travel and focus on her acting pursuits has been widely reported. In fact, she only recently confirmed that 2009 would mark the year of her comeback to modelling.

This isn't the first, nor will it likely won't be the last time that Gemma has copped flack for her weight. In 2007, she attracted catty remarks about her figure, when she hit the catwalk in a bikini for Chanel. Now it seems the claws are out again, with the article poorly attempting to link the death of friend Heath Ledger to her weight gain.

Taking this into account, shouldn't then the death of a close friend make her worthy of respect and privacy, and not of a long lens camera and unwarranted criticism? Since when was taking time off to do what you like, including eating what you like, a crime?

Being the professional that she is, I doubt Gemma will allow such a thing to tarnish her comeback, but the point is... Actually, what was the point of the story again? Oh, that's right to sell newspapers.

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