d&g_2007_controversialcampaign.jpgGet ready! Because Dolce & Gabbana are about to hit us with yet another controversial ad campaign, which will likely upset religious groups, say the designers.

Speaking to Italy's La Stampa daily, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said: "The next ad campaign will show men on their knees praying. For sure they will say we are offending religion. Instead it could be read as a return to values. And there is a need for that at this time."

Controversy and D&G appear to go hand-in-hand. The last few seasons have seen the duo come under fire for their racy ads, depicting violence as well as both female and male objectification. Their 2007 campaign (above, left) was pulled from being advertised in Spain, because it was considered offensive to women.

One thing is probably for certain, the lads will be sans shirts again. Not that I'm complaining or anything *wink*

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