We've mentioned StyleShake a good few times on Catwalk Queen, because we love their 'design your own dress' idea, and the many customisable options you have when creating your dream dress. From full-length frocks to short and frilly minis, you can create all manner of exciting creations and get them sent to you - custom made to your measurements - in ten days for as little as around £30.

But it's all well and good to talk about it. We wanted to give it a go! So before Christmas, I designed my perfect party frock, filled out my measurements and bought myself a silk dress...

When you're creating something on StyleShake, it's very tempting to pick all kinds of different colours, go crazy on the embellishment and make a really over the top dress just to get value for money. But after messing around with some more, um, ostentatious creations, I decided it was best to go for something fairly simple and chic.

So my dress was a trumpet-hem, cap-sleeved green silk wiggle dress with silver box pleats around the waist and a removable black corsage. You can see me wearing it above but here's a close-up to show you the fabric and pleats a bit closer.


I'm sure what most people want to know is what the quality is like, and how it fits. First up, quality. Overall, I was very impressed. The silk is as described and as expected. It's quite shiny but not too cheap-looking. The seams are strong (and hidden where possible) and the whole dress feel very well constructed. The tulip skirt is probably one of the more difficult shapes to make, but it's really well done and flattering on my curvy body. I also love the label inside, which reads 'Made in England, designed by you'.

Fit-wise, I recommend you submit exact measurements for the perfect fit (it's the closest most of us will get to couture!) though they also make the dresses in standard UK dress sizes. I filled out my exact measurements (height, bust, waist and hips) and the dress I got was - unsurprisingly - the perfect fit. I could probably go in another half an inch on the waist if I really wanted, but on the bust and hips it fits like a dream. Styleshake actually offer a free tailoring service if your dress doesn't fit when you get it, you'll find a note in your package with details on that.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the service, attention to detail and the finished dress. The prices are really reasonable considering what you get, and I can see the silk dresses being perfect for bridesmaids in particular.

Styleshake are currently offering a discount on their cotton dresses, but you'll need to move fast. Use the code FRESH at the checkout before midnight tonight and all your cotton items will only cost you £24. Bargain!