agydeyn_acting.jpgAgyness Deyn has had a huge couple of years, which ended with her topping the list of most annoying people of 2008. Harsh much?

Now the supermodel has opened up to the Guardian about life within the fashion industry, her relationship with Albert Hammond Jnr. (they're not engaged for the record) and always being compared to Kate Moss.

'I think Kate's had an amazing career - I mean, she still has an amazing career - and she's really beautiful. But no one's the same. I'm not the new anything; I'm just Agyness,' she said.

On life within the fashion industry... 'There are people - I've heard them saying: "Oh, you're too fat to be in the show" right in front of everyone. You've got to have a really tough skin. I hate to say it's all bad, because it isn't, but then there are people who are absolute monsters and make you feel like shit and you think: why? It's not as if I block it out - I'm aware of all the negativeness around - but I kind of don't choose to register it. I just think: "That's how they are, those people, and it's not their fault."'

On the paparazzi... 'So I think if you're, like, give and take, you can get on with them. But in New York you never see them, because they use long lenses, so you never have any contact and they're always at the end of the block. I have more of a rapport with the English ones than I do with the Americans.'

On what the future holds... 'I think I'll still be in New York. I want to have a family, but I want to start doing stuff - I don't know what it is, but I feel that in 10 years' time I want to be doing something that benefits people, and I don't know what it is, but I just have this feeling inside me.'

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