victoriabeckham_dresscollectiononsale.jpgA very '60s-inspired Victoria Beckham (yes, that's a Hermes she is carrying) has jetted back into London ahead of the launch of her new dress collection.

The Spice Girl first unveiled her 10-piece collection at New York Fashion Week in September to a warm reception. Now, it is our turn to get our mitts on her capsule range of frocks when they go on sale today.

Victoria has launched a brand new website in honour of her new project, as well as a bizarre short film. We first spotted her shooting the film last month at Wrotham Park, and now the fruits of that labour have been revealed.

Like I said, it's all very weird but perhaps also a bit tongue-in-cheek. Is she poking fun at her Marc Jacobs ads? You tell us, click here to watch.

Her dresses will also go on sale at Selfridges from Wednesday, 3rd December and via