katiegreen_ultimo_jourdandunn.jpgUltimo model, Katie Green, has lashed out at Jourdan Dunn, claiming that she is unhealthily thin. The unprovoked attack on the Model of the Year winner has reopened the size zero debate once again, with Katie blasting Jourdan by describing her as 'seriously underweight'.

"I think it is disgusting that Jourdan won [the award]. What kind of message does this send out to young girls, aspiring models and even us normal women?" she told The Sun.

Refusing to mince her words, the underwear model added: "At a size 12 and 5ft 10in I am at the bottom of a healthy body mass index, so if I had lost any weight when asked I would have become medically underweight. I want to march Jourdan down to her local restaurant and shovel some food down her throat."

And she didn't stop there. Hear what Katie has to say about the British Fashion Council (BFC)after the jump...

jourdandunn_stormagencynewrule.jpgKatie's tirade continued by accusing the BFC of promoting eating disorders.

"I think it's thoughtless that the British Fashion Council would crown a stick-thin rake as their Model of the Year. It's almost like they are asking for young girls to have eating disorders," she said.

As the current face and body of Ultimo, Katie made headlines in October when she turned her back on a lucrative contract with Wonderbra after she was asked to shed two pounds.

"Ultimo would never consider hiring a girl of her size. It's a shame other companies cannot follow suit. I'd prefer to not be named model of the year if it means being this unhealthily thin."

I'm all for curves on our catwalks and in our ads and magazines, but I fail to see how these insensitive comments made by Katie address the issue. Not only is it offensive to Jourdan, but to anyone else who happens to be naturally slim. Likewise a misunderstanding of a person's physique is never an excuse to verbally bash them. I applaud Katie for standing up for herself, but lambasting a fellow model in the press does little to retain one's credibility or build a solid argument.