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Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, or to give her her full title Stéphanie Marie Elisabeth Grimaldi, Countess of Polignac guest edits this month's French Vogue. The princess has been a prominent feature in French tabloids for over twenty years and has tried her hand at modelling, singing and desiging a range of swimsuits. She also worked for a while at Dior in the early '80s but is principally known in France for her many relationships with 'bad boys' and non-royalty. See after the jump for images of the princess in the '80s and '90s.

She features in a number of shoots in the magazine, her slicked back hair and spectacularly angular frame back in fashion once again. Her sporty, sexy luxe look is right up Carine Roitfeld's street and you can see the similarity in a shoot styled by the editor. Stéphanie's appeal lies in her strong look, she is unafraid to work with what she was born with and would dream of hiding her strong shoulders or tiny waist. There is also an Emmanuele Alt styled-shoot with Milla Jovovich pulling off a pretty convincing impression in vintage Theirry Mugler jackets and chunky jewels.

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