jaspergarvida_lfw_onoffannounce.jpgIt's good news for all those fans of last season's Project Catwalk winner, Jasper Garvida... he is exhibiting at London Fashion Week! The Canadian-born designer has revealed that he is currently preparing to display his designs, at LFW's On|Off exhibition.

"I launched my own company last September and have been so busy," he told Grazia. "I did apply for London Fashion Week in February but just couldn't afford to put on a catwalk show, so I'm exhibiting at On|Off instead. If I impress the buyers there I'll be opening a studio and doing a show at London Fashion Week in September. So I'm very, very nervous about February!"

His collection is said to be inspired by the robot in the 1920s silent film Metropolis and will feature up to 60 womenswear pieces. But if you're after a bit of Jasper right now, then his range for Oli.co.uk is still available.

And what did he have to say about the sad news that Project Catwalk has been cancelled?

"It was such a great opportunity for designers like me - a chance to get your name out there, to showcase your work to a mainstream audience, even if your work isn't that mainstream," he said.

Hear that Sky One?

[via Grazia]