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I'm not too bothered by recent anti-French comment (boohoo!) but what better reason to put up a special French edition of Pick of the Blogs? So get your babel or google translator out or just look at the pretty pictures.

The Mark Fast knitted dress looks even better off the catwalk, swoon! [Jak & Jil]
Alix has convinced me floral tights are the only thing I need in my life right now [Cherry Blossom Girl]
Those fringed Zara boots just confirm we haven't seen the end of the fringe trend [Play Like a Girl]
Another beautiful coral cape, is someone trying to bankrupt me? [Cachemire et Soie]
Garance is singing the praises of cardigans, and as someone who has spent most of the winter in one I wholeheartedly agree [Garance Doré]