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Glamcanyon has been going out, having fun and taking pictures of said fun so we can all stay at home in our slippers. Brilliant! [Glamcanyon]
Leah invites us to get a cup of tea and a biscuit before showing us the basics of sewing with a pattern, someone get the girl an Esther Rantzen heart of Gold, pls. [Coral Stars]
Our Zara has been busy compiling her favourite beauty buys this year for the K&M Beauty Awards, it makes for educational reading [Kiss and Makeup]
Susie's surprise package is a beaut [Style Bubble]
Ranna's friend is none other than Flickr's Piksi, a girl who regularly inspires fits of jealousy. Them Finns and their style I tells ya. [Only Shallow]
Spare some sympathy for the bloggers who've been at home not because of their own laziness, but because of illness and still manage to come up with posts on bargain-bin luxury, huzzah! [Disney Rollergirl]