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Here's my account of Saturday's Angel's Sale, read on to see what the bloggers thought:

I was up at eight, there by half past (thanks dad!) queueing up with a gang of friends huddled together for warmth. Once we were in it took me a while to get my rummage on, in fact I spent a good twenty minutes moaning that I had lost my fashion mojo. The dust coming from decades of clothes was pretty thick, and I could feel my lungs tightening up. It was very, very packed with queues for the different rooms and it was two-deep in front of the boxes at times which took a little getting used to but soon I was upended in cardboard boxes rifling through stacks of clothes.

I came away with two filled to the brim £20 bags, and I must have been looking to get something out of my system as most of it was floaty, silky and pastel. I picked up a lot of shirts and ruffly tops, silky slips for layering and a massive faux-Victoriana 'Meet Me In St Louis' style dress with a bustle just for fun. It was interesting to see how everybody picked what was best for their personal style, one of my friends collected a amazing array of '20s-'30s dresses and coats in muted tones, while another friend chose kitsch '80s waisted dresses and tops. A jumpsuit from the BBC sitcom Hyperdrive was the surprisingly flattering find from yet another friend.

There's been a lot of ire on the blogosphere about the sale and I did feel like saying to the people who were still queueing when I left at midday to not bother but for the early birds the haul was pretty respectable. It was for hardened bargain hunters only though, as the number of people was daunting and at times I had to collect my thoughts and power on. I did have to wince a little when I brought it all home and realised my clothes boyfriend had magically reappeared after a record three days absence. Sigh.

Here's what the bloggers thought:

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