geldof_ppq.jpgThe bosses over at PPQ are apparently so impressed with their debut collection with Peaches Geldof, they are offering her a second chance to work with them.

After launching her first designer range for the British label last month, Peaches has now been given her own high street line to design. According to news reports, it is expected rival Kate Moss for Topshop, only it "won't be as cheap" at Kate's. Miaow, get the claws out!

"We had a meeting to discuss expanding the range. We're going to make it a lot more accessible, in different shops around the country and on the Internet. It's going to be much more accessible, but not as cheap as Topshop," revealed one half of PPQ, Percy Parker.

When asked about the rough time Peaches is often given by the press, Percy is quick to come to her defence.

"Peaches gets a lot of bad press but that's just because if she doesn't think someone is cool, she won't make the effort or give them any time," he said.

The range is due to hit stores in March, but few other details have been released. While I'm doubtful that it will rival Kate Moss for Topshop (Peaches just doesn't have the same pull) I am very much looking forward to a more affordable line from PPQ. Are you? Tell us below.