nigellalawson_furcomments.jpgNigella Lawson has opened up the floodgates for criticism after she declared that she would kill a bear and wear it.

The television chef left the hosts of BBC1's The One show stunned when she admitted she would be happy to don fur, but only if she had slaughtered the animal herself. When asked by presenters, Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley, what she thought of fur-wearing celebrities who started wearing dog or cat fur, Nigella replied with: "I'd love a dog or a cat!"

She then proceeded to make a stabbing motion, adding: "Going into a shop and buying a fur coat would be an act of weakness. But if I could go into the woods and kill a bear myself I would wear it proudly as a trophy."

Needless to say, her cringey comments have sparked outrage from animal activists, including a spokesman for the radical Animal Liberation Front.

"In the past those seen to promote the fur trade have had their homes targeted. Celebrities in fur coats have had red paint thrown at them. This is the kind of action that Nigella may now face," they said.

While, a PETA spokesperson says: "Nigella's comments were ill-judged and show her in an unattractive light."

A publicity stunt or simple stupidity, who knows? But just like Liz Hurley, I wouldn't want to be standing next to Nigella at a public event right now. Perhaps PETA will consider her for one of their specially-designed coffins... although I'm guessing they'd want to nail it shut!

[Source / Photo: Rex Features]