karllagerfeld_chanelsilentfilm.jpgSignalling the way for his Paris-Moscow pre-autumn/winter 2009-10, Karl Lagerfeld has directed a silent film by paying hommage to Coco Chanel.

The short film stars a crop of Lagerfeld's pals, including model Brad Kroenig, actress Tallulah Harlech and her mother, Lady Amanda Harlech, as well as his personal bodyguard/private secretary Sébastien Jondeau as a Russian nightclub owner. Even some of Lagerfeld's fashion house workers made the final cut.

"I cannot take extras," Lagerfeld declares. "They don't know how to touch the clothes."

The film follows Coco in her early days, setting up shop in 1913 to 1923, when her business was established. It features storylines such as her dalliance with Russian, the Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich.

"It's a funny movie, unpretentious," says Lagerfeld.

In a year that is saturated in Chanel biopics and film tributes, is Lagerfeld's timing a bit off? I'll let him explain, by saying: "Chanel was a charming woman, at liberty to seduce men. Everybody this year has decided to make a movie about Chanel, and you know their historical worth is not always too exact."

The film is due to be presented in Paris this week in conjunction with Chanel's pre-fall ready-to-wear catwalk show.