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We featured Steve J and Yoni P's interview about their Dali-inspired dress on Friday and now we've managed to snag an interview with Welsh designer Julien Macdonald. He took some time out from his busy schedule to talk to us about his awe-inspiring Dali dress, Project Catwalk and knitting... Read on!

Tell us a little about what inspired you for the dress and what materials you used.
The dress belongs to a world of dreams with melting clocks and wide expanding landscapes. Surrealist images from Dali's subconscious mind - a world where commonplace objects are metamorphosed into bizarre proportions which could grow and grow.

The dress is made up of several sections. The huge trained skirt consists of thousands of organza tubes, the corset is made from a satin jersey base but covered in rectangular black sequins and the back is fastened with a satin ribbon and a large satin bow.

How do you feel about the end of Project Catwalk?
It was a fantastic experience to be involved in Project Catwalk - I think it is important to encourage new talent and to give them opportunities, as well as to give the broader public a look behind the scenes of the fashion world.

You're one of the few big designers who hasn't moved to Paris, what is it about London that compels you to show here?

I am British, based in London and I get much of my inspiration from London. In my view it is still the most exciting and creative city in the world, so it makes sense to me to show here too.

Like John Galliano and Alexander McQueen before you, your stay at Givenchy was fairly short, why was this? If you could design for another major house who would it be?

Working at Givenchy was an incredible experience where I learnt a huge amount. Today, thanks to the involvement of a great new investor, there is only one house I would want to design for - the house of Julien Macdonald.

And finally, do you still knit?

From time to time - but unfortunately, I do not have much time for knitting these days...

See Julien's dress, and dresses by Allegra Hicks, Modernist, and Manish Arora but to name a few at the Dali Universe on London's South Bank.