jourdan_annasui_pompom.jpgLast week I blogged about a story I'd read in The Sun regarding Ultimo model, Katie Green's harsh comments about Jourdan Dunn. The underwear model went to town on the 18-year-old catwalker, criticising her for being 'seriously underweight'.

"I think it is disgusting that Jourdan won [the Model of the Year award]. What kind of message does this send out to young girls, aspiring models and even us normal women?" she said. "I want to march Jourdan down to her local restaurant and shovel some food down her throat."

It seemed that Jourdan had inadvertently become the scapegoat for Katie's view on the fashion industry as a whole. Well now, Jourdan has spoken out about her weight, revealing in The Observer that it has always been sensitive topic for her.

To find out what she said, read on...

"My issue when I was growing up was always my weight," she admits. "I would see Beyoncé or J-Lo in music videos and I would ask, 'Why can't I be like them?' They have a curviness, a sexiness. Coming from a black [Jamaican] community, curves are celebrated and being the skinny black girl when I was growing up was hard."

As I said in my last post, the point of knocking someone because they are naturally slim is what exactly? Everyone has body hang-ups, what right does one person have to use another person's physical appearance against them.

Jourdan says that she gets her physique from her father, and her younger brothers still tease her about being the 'skinny girl'.

"We tease each other and we're constantly bickering," Dunn laughs. "They keep me grounded. There have been times when I'm flying back home from somewhere and my Mum will ask my brothers to pick up dog poo from the garden and they will say 'Why do we have to do it? Why can't Jourdan do it when she gets back?' So I will fly in from New York and be picking up poo as soon as I walk through the door."

Erm, that's nice...?