emporioarmanidirectorcomp.jpgGiorgio Armani's bid to purchase London's top hotel, The Berkeley, have been rejected.

The fashion designer is believed to have placed a bid to take over the five-stair Mayfair hotel, as part of his plans to open a line of luxury resorts. But his plans were derailed when The Berkley boss, Derek Quinlan, who also owns The Connaught and Claridges, refused to sell up.

"No one knows Armani has been looking at moving into hotels but he is set on owning one in London. He was prepared to part with a lot of cash for The Berkeley but Quinlan told him he would have to buy all three hotels, which would effectively mean the end of the former Savoy Group," a source revealed.

The bid amount is unknown, although some speculated that Armani has put aside £2.5billion for the hotel. The first of his exclusively-designed resorts venture is expected to open in Dubai, and will include 160 guest rooms, as well as restaurants and a spa.

After visiting Armani's too-hip-for-words nightclub in Milan, I can safely say that the man sure knows how to accomodate a person's every whim.