If you didn't make sure you stayed in on Saturday night until Britney Spears performed on The X Factor, then you're either lying about it or you're genuinely not one of the estimated 12.8 million who tuned in (seriously, how'd you miss it!?)
The critics are giving her a hard time about miming and her satin shorts/fishnets outfit is also garnering a few bad reviews. But while she is obviously not completely back to the old Britney we know and love, it's fair to say she's looking the best she has in a long time.

This is especially apparent in the latest issue of Glamour, where she looks fresh-faced and happy posing on the cover in a white shirt, and relaxed and comfy in the accompanying article wearing Paige Premium Denim jeans and an Agnona sweater.

When asked if she feels she has regained the same body confidence she had before having kids she replied: "I'm getting there. Recently I started to appreciate my body a bit more from before I had kids. But it completely changed, and I have had to work hard at getting back to where it used to be."

Yay, glad to have you back Britney!

* You can see behind-the-scenes footage of the Patrick Demarchelier shoot at

[Image: via NY Mag]