Zara is Shiny Fashion's resident beauty expert and editor of Kiss and Makeup

Tis the time of year to start splashing out on presents but what do you get your nearest and dearest? My trick is to buy stuff you'd really quite like to get for yourself - the harder it is to give up, the better the gift! The danger is, of course, that you'll end up keeping all those lovely things, but it's worth the risk! Here's what I'd love to get this year..

For everyday

I finally want to do high waisted and love this skirt, £90 from Miss Sixty at Oli, and I want this must have dress, £70 from Warehouse at Freemans- I love the back, , Punk Pins £20 necklace (with Zara written, obv), £15 bra La Senza, boots £150 Moda In Pelle, Steve Madden shoes, gloves £55 Aspinal of London, Bijou organiser £95 from Aspinal of London.

Zaa Rabinowicz-bedroom-picks.jpg

For the bedroom-

Mirror $12 from Urban Outfitters, Pajamas, £40 from David and Goliath, day of the week knickers, £12 from So Shei, Pineapple gown, at Debenhams, £34.95 from Amazon