These choices were inspired by my discovery of the lace dress in the middle. It's from Monsoon and called Zsa Zsa (£75.36) which is the nickname we have for our good friend Zara, editor of Kiss and Makeup. I thought it only fair that if she got a dress named after her, that I should attempt to find dresses for the rest of us.

As well as unearthing a 'Kimberley' and an 'Isabelle', I can introduce you to Gemma, on the left, which is £67.53 from Coast and quite a good representation of what I might wear (though obviously it wasn't named after me - I'm not that lucky). On the right is the Kelly (£99 from Brittique). Though I don't think the smock shape does our Kelly justice, the lemon colour does reflect the sunny disposition of our resident Kiwi fashionista.

All together now....awwwww!