Iso faceriser.jpgI've had my eye on the fashion magazines and trend websites for quite a while, taking notes and planning what I want to add to my wardrobe this season but it seems like all this mental preparation was for nothing.

Winter has taken me completely by surprise, I suddenly find myself sifting through my dozen-odd coats and none of them will do anymore. I can't find any socks and my skirts all feel the wrong shape and length. I'm suffering from a severe case of wardrobe angst...

I've reverted to my teenage self when faced with my open cupboards, whinging tantrums and a good dash of foot-stomping have become part of my morning routine.

My winter clothes, stashed away sometime in April have been quietly minding their own business at the top of my wardrobe while fashion marches on. Fast forward to a month ago and my old favourites no longer cut the mustard. The knee length tweed skirt I wore constantly two years ago is on the brink of going to the charity shop and my once-cherished berets feel a little out of date.

No matter how individual your personal style is being affected by passing trends is near impossible, and all in all rather desirable. Rather than swaying elegantly like a bullrush in the breeze I currently feel like I'm caught in the middle of a trend tug o' war!

Am I alone in this wardrobe angst or are you also feeling similar levels of fashion blues?