vivwestwood_setstherecordstraight.jpgAs we wait for the official word that a sequel to Sex and the City: The Movie is definitely going to happen, Vivienne Westwood has revealed her own plans for a follow-up movie.

At this week's 10th anniversary bash of the Claridges Bar, the designer told Grazia that she has some story ideas for a sequel.

"No one has mentioned that to me as of yet but I will tell you that I have had a great idea for the plot of a sequel," she spilled.

"It came to me only the other day and I think it's a brilliant story. I've been trying to get hold of Sarah Jessica Parker to suggest it but I haven't managed to reach her so far. I'm probably too late if they're already talking about the sequel but I hope not as it's really rather a good idea. I'm not telling you any more until I've spoken to Sarah Jessica though."

Westwood acted as a consultant on the first film, designing the now infamous wedding dress that Carrie gets jilted at the altar in. The gown was then showcased in the window of Westwood's Conduit Store to help promote the film's debut.

I wonder what Viv has in mind? Perhaps Carrie has a daughter in the sequel and she hands down the gown to her? Or maybe we'll finally see Samantha tie the knot and she gets to wear the dress? So many possibilities...