Every now and then, when I'm supposed to be doing actual work, I log into our stats report to see what you lot have been searching for. By typing in things like 'Who is' and 'Where can' in the keywords section, I often stumble upon interesting questions that have lead people to Catwalk Queen. I also come across some very strange queries.

Here are some of the more recent ones, starting with the most frequently asked questions and moving onto the more silly stuff...

madmen_fashion.jpgWhere to buy mad men clothes / dresses?
Most of the Mad Men clothes are vintage or custom made for the show. I'd recommend Vivien of Holloway, Stop Staring and Dolly Dagger for reproduction dresses, Vintage Vogue and Butterick Retro for reproduction sewing patterns of styles from the late fifties, and good old eBay for vintage shopping, along with Devoted 2 Vintage, Candy Says and Vintagedress.co.uk. Also keep an eye our for Frock Me! events.

How to wear boots with jeans?
The skinniest jeans you can get, and boots that fit but don't hug the legs too tight. Tuck the end of the jeans into your socks, pulling them tight, or invest in some jodphur clips and use them to hold the ends tight over your feet. If you're skinny, you can wear what you like on the top half. If you're curvier, pick something a bit floatier that covers the hips to skim the less-than-perfect bits.

How to wear leggings?
However you like...or not at all, depending on who you ask. The general rule is the chunkier your legs are, the longer they should be, and the longer the top / dress you're wearing with them should be. Leggings are universally unflattering on curvier figures, unfortunately, but don't let that put you off entirely. They're a good tights alternative in winter worn under dresses, tucked into boots, and they can make long legs look even longer. Remember that leggings show everything off, so pick good undies, beware of camel-toe, and pick a pair that fit well so you have no overhang around the waist / on the calves.

What can I spend my money on?
Well, I'd really like a Burberry Prorsum coat. I can send you my address...

What can I do for big boobs?
Visit Bravissimo. It will change your life, I promise you.

What can size zero cause?
Controversy. Eating disorders. Extreme jealousy. Otherwise lovely women to turn inexplicably nasty. And plenty of other things!

Where can I get Kiera Knightley's green dress from Atonement?
Another custom creation, I'm afraid. But Faviana have done a version of it. the style number is 6199 and it's about $250.

Where can i buy a bandage dress on the high street?
If you're feeling flush, try Reiss. If you're not, try Jane Norman.

How can I get to a size 10?
A healthy diet, exercise, willpower...or maybe a miracle.

How can i get a body like Kelly Brook?
See above.

When does winter sales in Primark London start?
You want a sale? In Primark? Now I know we're in the middle of a credit crunch, but isn't it cheap enough?!

50% discount when you spend £500 at My Wardrobe
Erm, you'll be lucky. That amazing discount expired a long, long time ago!

Who buys Giles Deacon?
Thandie Newton, Lily Allen, Daisy Lowe, Victoria Beckham...oh wait, they all get it for free, don't they?

How can I be more stylish?
Worry less. Trust your instincts. Ignore the rules dictated by glossy magazines. Wear what you love.

How did Audrey Hepburn get so thin
Surviving the Dutch famine in 1944 probably contributed. She had anemia, respiratory problems, and oedema, and she was a ballet dancer. Basically, her body was f****d.

How did Dita von Teese get so pale?
Didn't you hear? She's a vampire. Also: sunscreen.

How did Lauren Conrad get her fashion range?
You know, I often ask myself this question too.

What did they wear in the 60s?
Fabulous, fabulous things! Mini dresses, Mary Quant, Biba, Ossie Clark, go-go boots, tights, false eyelashes and rain macs. In my world, the entire 1960s was a dance number from an Austen Powers movie.

Who is currently designing under Christian Dior's name?
Why, the maestro John Galliano, of course!

Who is Jordan's fashion stylist?
Whoever they are, they should be very, very ashamed of themselves. Though I'd hazard a guess she doesn't have one.

Who is in new Marks and Spencer advert?
Take That! Twiggy! Erin! Myleene! Lily! Noemie! YAY!

Who is hotter Fern Cotton or Holly Willoughby?
Quick straw poll of the office....girls say Holly, boys say Fern. Interesting!

Who is Kirsty Doyle?
Winner of Project Catwalk, season one.

I think that'll do for now, don't you?!

Any questions you have, email gemma@shinymedia.com and I'll do my best to answer. Just remember though, if it's three seasons old and not on eBay, I probably can't find it for you!