Yesterday we headed to the Matalan press day to take a look at what they've got up their sleeve for Spring / Summer 2009. As well as a new online store in the offing (yay!) the new season sees the launch of an exciting new collection for the store, which I think you'll all be surprised by. 'Be Beau' is the new young fashion range, aimed at the 16 - 25 age group and full of high fashion, trend pieces and amazing catwalk copies.

matalan_summer09_1.jpg [click image to view full size]

Floral mini dress £20, Oriental print dress £25, Animal print dress £25, Boat motif t-shirt £10 & White peg trousers £18 all available next year. Keep an eye out for the shoes too, there are some killer Balenciaga and Burberry style sandals for less than £20!