Say it ain't so! We might be in for another non-season of red carpet fashion folks, after both the Hollywood Writer's union and the Screen Actors Guild have started talking about potential strike action to coincide with the string of 2009 awards shows in January/February.

Earlier this year saw the cancellation of the Golden Globes and a pared-back Oscars due to a Hollywood writer's strike. And aside from the actual award winners who missed their moment in the limelight, fashion seemed to be the next biggest loser. Designers, stylists, makeup artists and jewellery houses also missed out on one of the biggest publicity-boosting opportunities of the year.

While the famous Vanity Fair Oscars party is set to make a (scaled-back) return this year, it seems as if the awards season may not be so lucky if a satisfactory outcome isn't reached anytime soon.

"If, God forbid, we should go on strike, you want to do it at a time when it has the most impact," said Guild president Alan Rosenberg. "We want to use whatever leverage we can muster."

Here's hoping we get a good outcome for all involved so we see gorgeous frocks aplenty come February!

[source / Images: Rex Features]