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I can't conceal my love for sequins any longer, the last few weeks have been spent in a haze of Etsy searches and fruitless shopping trips in search of the perfect sequins, here is a special sequin-edition Pick of the Blogs for all the magpies out there.
Garance Doré started the whole thing with this post. [Garance Doré]
Michelle's 1st Fashion156 piece is all about the humble sequin. [Kingdom of Style]
Sequinned Chucks could possibly tide me over until i find my prize sequinned item. [Style By Me]
Natalia Vodinova in chiffon and sequins, jel! [This is Glamorous]
Still craving sparkle? A 27-image slideshow dedicated to the little circles of shimmer should appease you, for the moment. [Trendhunter]