peaches_column.jpgHere is a bit of deja vu for you... Peaches Geldof has been accused of shoplifting from a store - for the fourth time in two years.

The it-girl-turned-Nylon-columnist was seen walking out of east London store Luna + Curious last week with an item of clothing that she hadn't paid for. The Sunday Mirror reports that Peaches was spotted "behaving atrociously" before leaving the shop with a garment draped over her arm. When a store assistant confronted her, Geldof claims that she had taken it by accident and agreed to return the item and pay for it.

"My colleague was shocked. Her behaviour was absolutely unbelievable in the shop before the incident happened. She was acting very bizarrely. The matter is closed, but an apology would have been nice," said a shop source.

A representative for Geldof replied by saying: "She can't remember ever visiting this shop. She may have done, but not on a regular basis."

This is the latest in a string of similar incidents for Geldof. She has been previously accused of shoplifting in London's Oxford Street in 2006 for failing to pay for a coat, and more recently she was said to have exited a Carnaby Street boutique with a £500 designer dress under her arm.

Is Peaches getting forgetful in her *cough* old *cough* age?