kellyosbourne_lukeworrellvegasrumour.jpgFor the last two weeks we have been patiently waiting and watching as rumours of an engagement between Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrall flew around the place, as well as whispers of an impending quickie Las Vegas.

At first Kelly denied it all, despite allowing the paps to photograph her with a mysterious diamond glimmering from her wedding finger. Then Luke decided to change his Facebook status to 'engaged to Kelly Osbourne', which was quickly followed by Kelly also changing her status. How much more evidence was needed, we asked.

Now, finally we have it from the horse's mouth that yes, in fact, they are getting hitched, with a wedding set to take place in the next few months... only not in Las Vegas.

To find out what was said, read on...

While celebrating at Mahiki in London this week, Worrall confirmed to several tabloid journalists the good news.

"We're planning to tie the knot in the next few months - it won't be a long engagement. The wedding will be in the UK," he said, brushing off reports of a Vegas nuptials.

The 19-year-old model also revealed that he wanted to get approval from Kelly's family before popping the big question.

"I did everything properly. I did it the traditional way two weeks ago. Before I asked Kelly to marry me I asked her dad which was quite scary," he added. "I get on really well with her family though. Once I got the go ahead it wasn't too bad from there."

What a guest list that wedding is sure to have. Rock royalty mixed with fashion's biggest movers and shakers. Obviously we'll be waiting eagerly for a our invite in the mail *wink*

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