We're in the middle of yet another round of press days at the moment (this time it's Spring / Summer - just what you want in November) and yesterday one of the places we visited was, where I discovered the problem-solving brand 'Little in the Middle'. This is a really great discovery for the (many) women who find shopping for jeans tough because the waist-to-hip ratio is wrong. If you're hourglass or pear-shaped and find jeans usually gape at the waist if they fit elsewhere, this brand may just be your savior...

So far, I've only looked at the jeans quickly, but the good news is we're getting some of the jeans in for a proper tried-and-tested. With a bit of help from the hourglass figured Zara, we'll be putting the Little in the Middle jeans to the test. I'll also be trying the famous Tummy Tuck jeans, to see if they really can flatten a tum and help me lose a dress size (here's hoping)!

Stay tuned for that, and more problem-solving tried and tested features in the run up to party season. I've also got my grubby mitts on some of Gok Wan's shapewear, and I'm suitably impressed!