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Last week we reported how Kate Winslet rejected claims that her Vanity Fair shoot was airbrushed. Now, the actress has been forced to deny that she knowingly wore fur in the photo-shoot, insisting that she thought the garment was fake. Posing provocatively in Agent Provocateur stockings, YSL heels and an £11,500 silver fox fur throw, Winslet has admitted that she was misled into wearing the fur.

"She thought it was false," said her spokesperson. "There was apparently false fur there and real fur there. And she definitely understood it was false. Kate never wears fur. She's very firm on that."

Meanwhile Vanity Fair has been forced to issue an apology. A representative for the magazine says: "Although there were both real and fake furs on set, the fur used in the photograph is real. We thought Miss Winslet was aware of this and we're sorry for the miscommunication."

Oh dear, perhaps Kate will reconsider working with Vanity Fair again.