katesbed_auction.jpgWould you want to buy an old pine bed that Kate Moss once slept in four years ago? I'm positive many would, and that is what auctioneers in Gloustershire are hoping when it goes under the hammer this Friday.

The double bed, handmade by Yells of Fairford, is from the Cotswold cottage in Southrop, where the supermodel stayed between 2001 and 2004. It is now up for auction with an estimated fetching price of £200 to £300.

"Any hot-blooded male whose seasonal fantasy involves no more than waking up in Kate Moss's bed on Christmas morn - or any morn, for that matter - can now have that fantasy fulfilled from as little as £200," said a spokesperson for auctioneers, Moore Allen & Innocent.

Forget males, what about Moss's trillions of adoring female fans? When you consider that a grubby self-portrait of the catwalk star created from smeared lipstick sold for £33,600 in September. I'd garner a guess and say that her bed is likely to do better than a mere couple of hundy at auction.

Those who feel the need to bid on the item can do so at the Norcote Salerooms, near Cirencester, on Friday. The bed will be on sale under lot 682.

[Source / Photo: AP]