Oh dear. That's what went through my mind when an email arrived in my inbox informing me of a Sara Berman sale at Brand Alley. Prices starting at £40 for a favourite brand of mine that's usually way out of my price range? Why does this have to happen so close to Christmas, in the middle of an economic crisis?!

Not only that, the picture to illustrate this was a dress that combined two of my current obsessions - IYK blue and bows. There are also bright coloured puffball skirts, chic white shifts, glazed leopard print coats and knit bodies. If you're feeling very flush, a leather jacket down from £510 to only £160 is the best bargain of them all. You'll need to sign up to the site to shop, but it's free and you'll get news of all the future sales into the bargain.

Click here to sign up and shop now. There are also lingerie, jewellery and other fashion sales on at the moment.