babykarl_cathyhoryn.jpgWould we lie to you, our dear readers? Okay perhaps don't answer that, but if you're like us then you'll be over-the-moon to know that a photo of Karl Lagerfeld as a young whipper snapper has surfaced on the 'net.

Cathy Horyn posted the pic of baby Karl, wearing lederhosen no less (we'll get to that in a minute), on her blog this week. How she got her hands on the photo I am not sure, maybe she hacked into Lagerfeld's Facebook account. But however she came across it doesn't matter, it is too cute for words. Look - he's even smiling!

I am so pleased to see that Karl was still wearing a shirt and tie even in his infancy. It just goes to show, the man really does have a signature style all of his own.

Adorable, much?