I can't believe I'm writing about little black dresses yet again, but I couldn't resist this designer vs high street battle. Lela Rose has created a chic black shift dress with huge discs around the hem, giving it a quirky, bubbly shape on the body. The designer offering comes in at a hefty £1,085, and even the added belt doesn't justify that.

Then for the high street alternative...

Sadly, you'll still need to raid the savings a bit even for the cheaper option. It's from the newly revamped Whistles, and will set you back £195. Having seen it at a press view, I can definitely say the photos don't do it justice, and it actually hangs very similarly to the Lela Rose dress when it's on the body, as the weight of the discs takes away the flare of the skirt a bit.

Considering the price difference is over £800, I know which one I'd go for. There's rent to be paid, after all!