Most people know Savannah Knoop, designer of the pared-down, minimalist San Francisco label Tinc, by a different name entirely. For six years, she was known on the literary (and party) scene as JT Leroy, described by The Observer as "the Aids-afflicted, emotionally damaged son of a truck-stop prostitute, who'd spent his teenage years living rough on the streets of San Francisco and turning tricks, who'd had a male-to-female sex change; and who overcame all this, and more, to became a literary wunderkind."

In reality, she was just the sister-in-law of the real woman being the fictional JT Leroy, fortysomething Laura Albert. After the fraudulent bubble burst on that story, Knoop returned to her first love, fashion design, and Tinc is the result...

As far as the look goes, this is exactly the kind of collection I can't get my head around. It's just a bit too cool for school. It's capsule to the point of miniscule, and simple to the point of dull. But we're not all ostentatious kitschaholics, and if your look is more modern and pared-down than mine, you will no doubt appreciate the little details like smart tailoring, concealed plackets and ruched pockets, as well as the interesting fabric choices and the ethical stance on production.

For more, visit Tincwear.com.