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From Monday on London's South Bank twelve designers will be showcasing their Dali-inspired dresses as part of an exhibition in aid of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.
The Dali Universe Gallery is hosting the exhibition which has dresses by exciting names such as Bora Aksu, Allegra Hicks and Modernist.

We asked Steve J and Yoni P a few questions about their fluttering, dreamy confection (above).

What was on your mind as you were making the dress?

We were absolutely fascinated by one of Dali's painting called 'Butterfly Landscape'.
As you can see the attached image, there are lots of molecular structures and butterflies in this painting. We felt as if all butterflies dragged balloon-like molecular structure into the that moment we wanted to put dress into the painting.So we dreamt those butterflies and balloons dragged our dress into the sky! So we tried to create a surrealistic origami-decorated dress and put rubber balls and butterflies on top of the dress.

How vivid are your imaginations, because there is always a sense in your collections of being transported to a sort of internal landscape?
To create something, we want to be a free spirit and don't want to put the boundaries! We have been trying to put our imaginations which we got inspired by lots of painting and fine art into our collection,so I guess people feel some dreamlike,fantasy sense in our collection.

Was it fun being able to make something without the constraints of wearability?
Of course we were thrilled to be involved in project with Dali Universe. Without thinking of wearability, we could have the freedom of creation.

Who are your favourite artists?
Our favourite artist are Asger Jorn and Dali. Their imaginations are always limitless, just like children, and they wanted to work expressively using their fantasy. We especially love Asger's amazing colour sense.

Would you collaborate with a high street brand again?
Our first high street experience was Topshop, we had a capsule collection called "SteveYoniStudio for Top Shop" in 2007. It was amazing experience and it was great to see our development on the high street market. We would love to collaborate again with a high street store, it means we could get the chance to meet the customer closer and have a financial support from that.