Livia Guiggioli Firth & Colin FirthColin Firth has spoken exclusively to about being cast in Tom Ford's forthcoming debut film, A Single Man.

Speaking of Ford's directorial ability, he said: "If he turns his hand to this with the brilliance that he's turned his hand to everything else that he's ever done in his life, it'll be a masterpiece."

The British actor has been cast alongside Julianne Moore, Nicholas Goode, and the newest additions, Ginnifer Goodwin and Nicholas Hoult.

The film is an adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's 1964 novel of the same title, which tells the story of a gay college professor dealing with the sudden loss of his lover.

Firth is to play the professor, he added: "It's the world seen though the eyes of a man who is seeing things for the last time and it has a particular resonance for that reason."

Production is due to begin this month in Los Angeles.