One of the happiest memories a girl can have from her childhood is dressing up her Barbies and driving them around "town" (otherwise known as the living room) in one of the many "vehicles" she has at her disposal (otherwise known as an empty shoe box). Great memories those are - and who can believe people have been having them now for 50 years?

Yes, Barbie is about to hit the big 5-0 and to celebrate, Mattel are roping in 50 big-name designers to create life-sized outfits for a special show at New York Fashion Week next February.

Vera Wang bride Barbie is almost a given, but the ones I'd be interested to see would be Marc Jacobs geek chic Barbie or Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress Barbie... can you even begin to imagine Christian Siriano Barbie!? No word yet who has been given the go-ahead, but it will be interesting to find out who has decided to take part. Who would you like to see dress Barbie?

[via Vogue UK]